Michael Tolston

Research Psychologist

As a human factors professional working at Ball Aerospace in support of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Research Laboratory Applied Neuroscience Branch, I am responsible for developing and administering USAF relevant research in the areas of applied neuroscience, interpersonal trust, human-machine trust, human-human and human-machine teaming, individual and team training, human performance and readiness assessment, and development and application of advanced data analytic techniques. I am also responsible for developing and validating subjective measurement scales; evaluating a range of complex data from repeated measures designs; as well as analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating research findings. I have specific expertise in advanced analytic techniques for summarizing and modeling physiological, behavioral, and linguistic data.


Advanced Statistical Skills: Signal processing and non-linear analyses (i.e., monofractal analysis, multifractal analysis, recurrence quantification analysis, entropy analyses) of continuous time series data (including kinematic data from motion trackers and accelerometers; eye-gaze data; electrocardiogram data; electroencephalography data; transcranial Doppler sonography data); communication analysis (semantic and syntactical analyses); general linear models; multilevel mixed model analyses of repeated measures data; multivariate analyses, including multilevel multivariate mixed model analyses, multilevel path analyses, structural equation modeling, principal components analysis, and factor analysis. Programming Experience: MATLAB, Python, R, SPSS, Mplus, HTML, CSS , C++, OpenGL